” [in] Manchester Central… an astonishing 49.2 per cent of children have parents claiming handouts”

For reference, here is part of a story on welfare dependency in the Daily Mail today. The figures are dramatic but they are based on government answers to parliamentary questions put by the Conservative Party, so presumably they are reliable:

One in five British children is growing up in a family dependent on state handouts, shocking figures show.
In some regions almost half of all youngsters are in households claiming out-of-work benefits.
Britain has a higher proportion of children in such households than anywhere in Europe.
The vast majority are living in homes in which nobody is even looking for a job.
Experts say these children risk drifting into a life of joblessness, poverty, ill-health and crime.
Those with parents who do not work are less likely to go on to get a job themselves or take part in education or training.
The Conservatives, who uncovered the figures using Parliamentary questions, said the level of joblessness was unacceptable when an expanding economy has produced record levels of employment.
Four out of five jobs created under Labour have gone to foreigners.
In all, more than 2.2million children are growing up in households dependent on out-of-work benefits – one in five of all youngsters.
The worst area is Manchester Central where an astonishing 49.2 per cent of children have parents claiming handouts.
This is followed by Liverpool Riverside with 47.6 per cent and Poplar and Canning Town in East London with 46.8 per cent.

The full story is here.

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