Sweatshops do not cause poverty

This video  will annoy and discomfort some people. The content will be disturbing enough to many who think they are kind, right-thinking people. The fact that it comes from an American will, for some people, count against it, too. To some, it will seem like a rich American trying to justify brutal capitalism. For myself, I find the background music irritating.

But I believe the content is absolutely correct and very important. I used to live in the Far East in the midst of countries many of which were poor at the time although quite a few of have raised themselves up since then by their own efforts and hard work.

When companies boast that their products are ‘British made’ or ‘Made in America’ or wherever rich country it might be, it might be worth thinking of the woman depicted in this video.

  1. ‘Among the peoples most admired for their opulence, one part of the population is obliged to rely on gifts of the other in order to live’
  2. “Fair trade favours those who have already moved out of the most basic poverty”
  3. Welfare reform reduced poverty in America. When will the Tories endorse it?
  4. The Tories need to argue that low taxes matter
  5. The Peabody Estate
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