Ever been patronised or scorned by someone of the Left?

If you are a Conservative/Republican/libertarian or similar, you may have sometimes been in a situation where you are talking to someone who, up to a certain moment, appears like a civilised, intelligent tolerant even open-minded person. Then you might say something which reveals your point of view and you suddenly find this same person thinks that his or her open-minded tolerance would be best expressed by treating you as part of an infection worse that the bubonic plague.

If so, I have come across a book to comfort and even delight you. You are not alone. Others have suffered and most amusingly and eloquently. I heartily recommend I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Next to a Republican! by Harry Stein.

I have only read about twenty five pages but it is delightfully done.

One of many things he conjures up is the way that while those on the Right have a good understanding of the ideas of the Left (since it is all over the media), the Left have much less understanding of the ideas of the Right. They think the Right is just bad. Whereas the Right understands the Left and thinks, more kindly and tolerantly, I think, that it is misguided.

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