The BBC attitude to statist failure is ‘stuff happens”.

Two scandals in one.

1. The NHS, to its shame, mistreated a young man so badly that he had to ring 999 while in hospital to beg for water. The police were sent away with the hospital saying the man was confused. Two hours later he was dead of dehydration. The story was covered in The Daily Mail, the Sun, the Mirror and the Telegraph.

2. The BBC barely covers the story at all. Here is its miserable little story on the subject, highlighting the apology of the hospital rather than the dreadful treatment of an NHS patient.

If this terrible event had taken place in a private hospital, it would have been all over every BBC news outlet with many calls for increased regulation and questions over whether patient-care is compatible with the profit motive. But as this was the NHS, there is no similar inquiry into whether or not a government monopoly is compatible with good patient care. This is because the BBC is a prejudiced, pro-statist organisation. It is a disgrace and the people who edit it and control it should be sacked for their bias and for failing alert the British people to the real problems of this country.

The BBC attitude to statist failure is ‘stuff happens”.

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