No politician will tell people the truth. No doctor is allowed to.

I have recently spoken to an Australian doctor who told me things that are going on in Australian medicine and then told me that if it were revealed that he had told me these things,  he could be sacked.

Since he was telling me about the ways in which Australians are missing out on first class medical care, there is a Stalinist aspect to this. Those people who are in the best position to tell the truth about medical care are, by the terms of their employment contracts, not permitted to say it. The truth is not good so the state, instead of making medical care better, outlaws revelations about it.

The truth the doctor is not allowed to tell centres around this. His unit – and to protect him I will not even say which state he is in – does bone marrow transplants. He and his fellow doctors could do “at least” twice as many as they do at the moment. But the necessary money is not made available. The beds and the money to pay for the other staff are both limited by the government so the ability of the doctors to do these life-saving procedures is circumscribed.

Does anyone suffer as a result?

Yes. People who should have marrow transplants are kept waiting. He has known a number of those who have been waiting for transplants have relapses. After they have relapses, they are often weakened to the extent that they could not take the chemotherapy that is part of the process. So inevitably some of them die. In this business, delay can mean death. The system causes delay so inevitably it must cause unnecessary deaths.

“It is rationing,” he said. He remarked that no politician would admit it was rationing but that is what it amounted to.  No politician will tell people the truth. No doctor is allowed to.

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One Response to No politician will tell people the truth. No doctor is allowed to.

  1. Vickie says:

    Australia and New Zealand are moving towards community health care, in fact NZ has had it since 2001 yet the citizens don’t know it, the only ones that do are the health care workers,politicians and people like me that try and find out why their own health care has been so bad. Britain is going down that path too as are other european countries. It started in the USA with Medicare. It is sold as better patient care and implemented because of the aging population and the cost of chronic conditions. At its best it can keep patients out of hospital and save money but at its worst it can keep patients out of hospital that should be there. It is 90% about cost saving. For anyone wanting to know what is going on in Britain you should read the Kings FUnd and their many articles. There are also many articles on the subject from around the world, you just have to put in the right questions to bring up the articles that are out there.
    I believe in our country (Nz) the public are being retrained to accept community care without the dignity of the public being given a say in it. Ours came in with our PHO’s (primary health organisations) in 2001. I constantly get told that Nz can’t afford chronic patients and have huge amounts of pressure put on me to stay out of hospital when I can hardly walk with pain and/or have a temperature–I’m in a situation now where I am on permanent high dose antibioics , trible the normal amount and I am at risk of sepsis while I wait for an operation which hopefully cures me but I won’t get it until next year sometime.We areunning out of antibiotics that work and my G.P barely understands my condition yet is expected to look after me. I can’t see a specialist until November and have only seen one once this year. Usually if you go into hospital you should see your specialist 10 days later that no longer happens here. I’m lucky I get in to hospital at all, 5 years ago I would be in pain so servere I could hardly walk for two months at atime and was constantly told if I went to hospital I would be sent home and I had no diagnose than. I only got one this year ,after 15 years of daily pain. My case is the result of the community care policy and giving G.P’s all the money and power to deliver care.I hope the safe guards that have been put in place in the Uk are enough to prevent suffering as it will be the G.P’s job to save money.

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