The persecution of home-schoolers

This account of the persecution of parents who wished to home-school their children in Germany is horrendous. It is extraordinary that a country can be so illiberal and intolerant. It is suggested that the law dates from the Nazi era which makes it all the more strange that it has not been revoked. It is disappointing, too, that Sweden apparently makes outlaws out of those who wish to educate their own children. The totalitarian urge is fascinating and hard to understand.

You might think that Germany and Sweden would be ashamed to find themselves less tolerant of the freedom of the individual than countries such as Russia.

The idea of home-schoolers coming together to support each other internationally seems a worthy aim.


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4 Responses to The persecution of home-schoolers

  1. It would be interesting to learn more about this. Do you have any examples of the sort of things they are perscuted with or perhaps some detail of what this Nazi period law says?

    • James Bartholomew says:

      The link on the post indicates how the couple were persecuted. I am afraid I have no more details of the original law other than what is in the link. But it does tie in with other research I have done on the history of education in Germany. The Nazis insisted that teachers swear some kind of oath of allegiance. When the communists took over East Germany, many of these teachers were sacked and of course it was required that a different kind of propaganda be taught. Education was a part of political power and intended to increase that power. This is at its most obvious with the Nazis and communists. But it is tempting to argue that even democratic governments to some lesser extent try to use schools to promote their views.

  2. Many thaks for all the links. Very interesting – and scary.

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