The State of Welfare – BBC 3 hour programme

BBC Radio 4 has a three hour programme from 10am to 1pm on “The State of Welfare” tomorrow on the anniversary of the Beveridge report. I will be appearing for 10 minutes or so probably between 11.20 and 11.45.

I will be presenting my so-called ‘vision’ of how the welfare state should develop and I will then be questioned about it by three people.

There will be two others also offering their ideas in a similar way. Both appear to have ‘visions’ somewhat to the Left of Labour Party views. The ‘visions’ and some clips of various speakers can be heard on the BBC website. I am not sure but it may also be possible to ‘listen again’ on the website or somewhere else on a BBC website after the broadcast.


  1. Downloading the BBC Radio 4 programme in which I presented my case
  2. ‘The welfare state is too serious a matter to be left to the socialists”
  3. Britain is not the only welfare state
  4. The welfare state is not a uniquely British creation
  5. The welfare state does not make us happy
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