The scandal of teacher training is being tackled

For years teacher training has been a scandal. Huge amounts of money have been spent on it. A group of people more than twice the size of the British army (before the latest cuts) have been trained and then left teaching. The methods taught, especially in reading, have sometimes been disastrous. People who were very able and keen to teach have been put off teaching by some of the teacher training which can be so brainless. The time spent on it – and thus human effort and money – has been excessive. This is very similar to what has happened in the USA and perhaps France as well. Now Michael Gove is tackling it. Good for him.

This is from the coverage in the Daily Mail:

More than half of student teachers will be trained by schools within three years, as under-performing colleges are denied funding and shut down.

Graduates who go directly to the toughest schools will be eligible for tax-free awards of up to £25,000. By comparison, bursaries for graduates who train on traditional courses will be capped at £20,000.

The move will sideline training colleges, which have expounded fashionable teaching theories – particularly in reading – instead of giving students a rigorous grounding in classroom practices.

In a speech today, Mr Gove will say: ‘The idea is a simple one: take the very best schools, and put them in charge of teacher training and professional development for the whole system.’

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