Teacher trade unions versus good education

I have just read the first chapter of Terry Moe’s book, Special Interest. It is about the damage done by teacher trade unions in America to the quality of education. It is persuasively written. I recommend it.

I visited a US high school today. The head told me ‘it takes years’ to sack a bad teacher. That is because of rules pushed through by the union. Who suffers when bad teachers stay in post? The children.

  1. Teacher unions write laws to suit themselves
  2. If teacher unions don’t like them, can they be all bad?
  3. Education only takes place if a teacher is present. Otherwise it is truanting.
  4. The champion teacher union
  5. An education organisation that leaves schools without head teachers is incompetent
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  1. barry stevens says:

    I have read “The Welfare State We’re in” several times, and I have never read a more convincing argument in favour of non-interfering, small, but efficient regional governments. The popular rhetoric amongst the ill-infomed is aimed at the “dependency culture” in the UK and elsewhere, but not much is said about the “entitlement culture” in the same so-called democracies. Whatever corrosive qualities the “dependency culture” may be inflicted with, they surely pale when compared with those of the “entitlement culture”. I’m thinking of the massed brigades of civil servants, military personnel, police/health/fire dept personnel, and so forth, who are retiring or soon will be doing, on index-linked, inflation-proofed pensions and many cases, grace-n-favour accommodation with all the trappings, chauffeurs,gardeners, et al? We have in our infinate wisdom, elected to send such luminaries as Lords Kinnock and Mandelson to the House of Lords, a sign surely that this instution is now beyond justification? Was it not Messrs Kinnock and mandelson who presided over the disasterous decisions in Europe, why should they be so enobled I wonder? I would love to read Special Interest by Terry Moe?

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