The elderly British appear to be among the most neglected in the world

Page 14 of “Social Care Needs and Outcomes – a background paper for the Wanless Social Care Review, July 2005″, shows that no country (out of a wide selection) has fewer people over 65 in institutions and no country has fewer people receiving some kind of care in their homes. It would be lovely to imagine that this is because British people over 65 are so healthy. I am afraid that what the statistic really shows is that no country neglects its elderly as badly as Britain does.
There are many thousands of elderly people in Britain who are in their homes, alone and not really able to cope. They are receiving no help from anyone. There is state provision of care for the elderly in Britain. Therefore there is rationing of care. Many people who need it simply do not get it.
The link to this supporting material of the report is, if the technology serves, here. The table is on page 14.

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