The Welfare State We’re In now on Kindle

I am delighted to say that The Welfare State We’re In is now available on Kindle here.

  1. ‘The Welfare State We’re In’ receives award
  2. ‘The Welfare State We’re In’ to be re-published next month.
  3. The biggest dates in Britain’s history of state welfare
  4. American professor to lead reading group discussing ‘The Welfare State We’re In’
  5. The ‘vision’ for welfare that I offered on “The State of Welfare” on BBC radio 4 today.
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3 Responses to The Welfare State We’re In now on Kindle

  1. David says:

    What about the Kobo?

    • James Bartholomew says:

      I don’t know at the moment. I believe it will become available for Kobo too but I do not know when. I am trying to find out and reply again.

      • James Bartholomew says:

        The publisher now tells me that the files have been sent to Kobo, so the book should be available in that form very soon. Do let me know if you still can’t get within the next ten days.

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