Another social housing disaster

A blog posting by Lindsay Mitchell has drawn my attention to one of the more spectacular failures of social housing. The destruction of the Red Road Flats will be another one in a very long list of such demolitions. The waste and the misery of these flats has been appalling. It is a poor reflection of the academic world if, as I think, no one has ever attempted to list all the social housing in Britain that has had to be demolished – usually because people found it so degraded that they refused to live there. After documenting the tragic history in Britain, they could move onto other countries. It would make a terrifically worthwhile study.

From the second link above: “When I was in Glasgow in the 1970s Red Road Flats were relativly new and were already looking like slums.”

  1. “And while a generation ago only one in ten families in social housing had no-one working, this had risen to one in three by 2008-09.” The section on housing and social care in the Comprehensive Spending Review
  2. Now THIS is a social housing programme: 36 million new homes!
  3. More detail on the changes to social housing
  4. Fifteen per cent of new housing is built over old housing, including gardens
  5. Bits and pieces about council housing
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