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March 24, 2005
Comment on links

The Institute of Economic Affairs: free market think tank which has produced many important publications over the years such as Reinventing Civil Society: The Rediscovery of Welfare without Politics and Before Beveridge: Welfare before the Welfare State. It has also republished the condensed version of The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek. Director General: John Blundell.

Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society. David Green and Robert Whelan and their associates have done important research work which helped provide some of the foundations for The Welfare State We’re In. Strong on parenting, charity, education and health.

The Adam Smith Institute: Active, lobbying free-market think tank. Director: Dr Eamonn Butler.

E.G.West Centre. About education without the state in history and across the modern world. Professor West wrote some key works about education, some of which are available on this site. Professor Tooley has been around the world, looking at non-state education, usually for the poor.

Bumrungrad Hospital. A commercial hospital in Thailand. It is worth the time of anyone who thinks that only America has commercial hospitals to have a look at this site. (Declaration of interest: at the time of writing the author has shares in this company.)

The Heritage Foundation. Major US think tank.

The Libertarian Alliance

The Institute for Fiscal Studies. This is normally billed as being an institute which is expert in the study of taxation and is “independent”. Is there any such thing as independence? Viewed from a libertarian perspective, the IFS isn’t independent. It starts from the assumption that public spending is a good thing and sometimes - like many of the governments it has influenced - seems to neglect the impact tax has in shaping behaviour. For all that, it is a useful resource.

Pensions Policy Institute

Friendly Societies Research Group.

National Center for Policy Analysis. US think tank.

Walter E. Williams. American academic and columnist.

Black Alliance for Educational Options.

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